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  2. Groovy es muy buen bot , te reproduce la música sin ningún problemas es muy bueno lo recomiendo mucho . Deleted User 5 months ago. Ay, this is a cool bot. olivia // chew 6 months ago. Definitely a great, easy to use music bot. Missing some features, but they're all planned anyway
  3. These functions of Groovy bot invite 25/7-music enthusiasts to enjoy and play music with Discord Groovy bot all the time, without any stoppage. Saved Queues Premium versions of Groovy bot invite users to save music and add it in a queue to listen to it later, so you don't have to sort your music every time to command it to play
  4. The Groovy bot is a bot that is used in Discord to play your favourite tunes on your own discord server from famous platforms like Youtube, Spotify, or Soundcloud. It just makes things easier to hook up with your favourite tunes, but some other bots perform almost the same function. One of the bots which are also used to play tunes on is the Rhythm bot for discord
  5. YouTube Bot for Discord Check video stats, link a YouTuber profile, & sub roles! Features of Groovy, Rythm, MEE6, Dank Memer, & Dyno. A bot with all the commands revolving around twitch allowing you to check things like followage from discord! An English bot to broadcast Lofi Hip Hop live 24/7 on your server

Select your server. If your server is not listed, then you are most likely signed into the wrong account in your browser. Follow this tutorial on logging out and repeat the above steps. Make sure you apply the steps to Discord in your browser. Press Authorize. Complete the captcha. Now, you are ready to use Groovy Step 1: To start using the Groovy Music bot, you will first need to join a voice channel. Step 2: After that, you will need to use the -play command to tell Groovy to play a song. Step 3: Once you do so, the music bot will automatically go ahead and join your voice channel and start playing your requested song Twitch (streams) TIDAL (tracks, playlists, albums, artists) * Mixer (streams) Vimeo; Bandcamp; Clyp; Message attachments; Direct audio files . Platforms marked with an asterisk * don't allow direct audio playback and work a bit differently. This means, not all links you play from these will produce the intended result. Usually, though, you won't notice a difference. You can find more info on how we play from these i Twitch ist ein weit verbreiteter Video-Live-Streaming-Dienst, der von Twitch Interactive betrieben wird. Mit ihm können Sie alle Arten von Videos online streamen, von Ihren einfachen alltäglichen Aktivitäten bis hin zu Ihren Online-Aktivitäten wie Computerspielen, Videobearbeitungen und allem, was Ihnen sonst noch einfällt. Mit einem stetigen Anstieg der Benutzerzahlen um etwa 33% pro. Twitch Bots. Dot Twitch. Followbot program. Download. 100K Account List. 100KAccount List for Dot Twitch. Download. Twitch God. View- / Chatbot for Twitch. Download. Twitch Channel Points Bot. Channel Points Bot for Twitch. Download. Steps to use the twitch bots. Downloads. 1. Download Download the program from the link . 2. Start the program Sometimes you have to turn off the Anti Virus. 3.

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Groovy is a simple to use music bot that supports Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and more! To get started, simply invite the bot and type -help.. Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List What is a Twitch Bot? A bot interacts on your Twitch (or other platforms) chat as a moderator. It interacts with your viewers to give them relevant information about you or your stream, filters out foul language, or stops spam. What Twitch Rules Should You Have? Keep your Twitch chat rules few and simple. Let your viewers know that you want to have fun with them. Most people have common sense and won't try to cause issues Recent community posts. HEARON: Locked Door comments · Posted in HEARON: Locked Door comments. Groovy_Bot 106 days ag also specify a fully-qualified name of Overall, Groovy is a solid, no-fluff music bot that gives users everything they need for free. Check the Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive statistics of any user! type checker, IDEs, tools, to provide better support for DSLs using FredBoat can play music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, direct links, Twitch. Partner Assistant The best music bot for Discord. Hey 20Años/ || Codigo de Creador: Groovy_Twitch

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Groovy is an easy-to-use music bot that supports every major site, including Spotify. However, this doesn't mean it skimps out on features. Articles No articles posted from the Maker yet. Related. formnext bot. Supporting you in your preparations for the most important 3d printing show. Chatt Discord Groovy Bot: Discord is one of the most popular, feature-packed chat applications available on various platforms and the internet. It is prevalent among gamers and attracts users due to its customization and personalization benefits, making it a hit. It enables the users to make voice calls, video calls, send media files and text messages in private chats Manage your Discord server with leveling, moderation, Twitch, Youtube and Reddit notifications

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Twitch-Bots bereiten aber vielen Probleme, auch jenen die es nicht wollen. Aus welchem Grund auch immer es passiert, es kann für den jeweiligen Kanalbetreiber bitter werden, wenn dieser abgeschaltet wird. Entweder man kauft für sich selbst Twitch Follower Bots, oder man möchte jemand anderen damit Schaden zufügen. Es gibt auf Twitch daher Streamer die 10 oder 20 Zuseher haben, aber. Приветствую, на не самом адекватном канале) Влетаю с двух ног в стриминговую индустрию. Грув, Вайб, игрухи, видюхи и очень много общения.來Залетай, будет весело Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love. Watch and chat now with millions of other fans from around the world Watch and chat now with millions of other fans from around the worl

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  1. Discord - .x#0001 Shop - https://shoppy.gg/@AquaX_Services (MARS MULTI TWITCH TOOL!)Discord Server - https://discord.gg/4Q8UgPn FEATURES:- Live View Bot- Fo..
  2. Twitch Bots can do a variety of things on Twitch, but the most common tasks these bots will perform will be chat moderation, organizing games, raffles or polls, carrying out chat commands and respond to commonly asked questions in chat. Again, these bots are special computer programs that can be programmed to do lots of things, but what I mentioned above are just the most common. One thing you.
  3. g. - Mexkrabi/Groovy
  4. 3. Groovy. Groovy is an easy to use music bot for Discord which supports YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more sites. Its Spotify integration is especially impressive as not many Discord music bots can claim this feature. Like the above two bots, Groovy allows you to play songs by either searching for it or just inputting its name or link

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  1. Groovy bot komutları her geçen gün güncelleniyor. Discord'daki en çok kullanılan eklerin başında gelen Groovy'de her çeşit komut bulunuyor. Bugün siz değerli okuyucularımızla birlikte, dünyanın en çok kullanılan telekonferans uygulaması Discord'daki popüler bot eki Groovy'nin komutlarını listeleyeceğiz
  2. g newbies while muting those who cause trouble. All in all, bots make your life a whole lot easier. Now, there is a wide variety of bots you can employ for this very purpose, like MEE6 Bot, Groovy Bot, or Dyno Bot. However.
  3. Groovy bot is available for download and install from our antivirus checked database repository. You can be bad by choice, but groovy designed of presentation has its options. Dragon Home postcards to your voice and the bot you use to content better recognition results over time. As such, I'm groovy my brother of the connection, since the vast majority needs time to windows. Patrol updated bot.
  4. Groovy is an easy to use music-bot as it delivers plenty of simple features to increase your experience on Discord! You'll get a basic overview at groovybot.co and also by using the command g!help which displays you all commands splitted in categories
  5. Proceed to select the server you want to invite Groovy 2 & 3 into. 2. Invite the bots. You can see two buttons highlighted in blue. Press the first one to invite Groovy 2. 2.1 If you have permission to invite the bot: You'll be redirected to Discord's authorization page. Follow the instructions on screen. 2.2 If you don't have permission to invite the bot: You'll see a copy-able link on your.

Bots are a very cool tool to spice up your Discord server. Sometimes though, you don't want chats to get flooded with commands. For those cases, it makes sense to limit the command usage to designated channels. Below you can find a guide on how to achieve this with Groovy. Since this guide uses Discord's inbuilt permission system, this will work for any other bot as well and is the recommended way to do so The twitch viewer bot platform offers several options that allow you to choose exactly how many views or follows you receive during a live stream. They charge a 1-time fee for an instant service, where the real followers will stay permanently. Unlike a lot of other services on the market, you aren't locked into a plan which is why it is our choice. TwitchBooster is a safer bet than other.

Groovy Bot Repositories Packages People Projects Get started with GitHub Packages. Safely publish packages, store your packages alongside your code, and share your packages privately with your team. Choose an ecosystem . Docker. A software platform used for building applications based on containers — small and lightweight execution environments.. Mit den Twitch Chatbots können Sie viel Zeit sparen, die Sie zur Verbesserung Ihrer Streaming-Inhalte nutzen können. Es kann auch eine mögliche menschliche Fehlerquelle in Ihrem Chat-Fenster beseitigt, indem es so präzise wie möglich gehalten wurde. Die Twitch-Chatbots verwandeln Ihren Streaming-Kanal in eine hochentwickelte Interaktionsplattform, die den Zuschauern ein einzigartiges Erlebnis und eine persönlichere Beziehung zu den Live-Streamern ermöglicht. Er wandelt. As a Twitch bot, SidesMedia has it going on. They have been doing their thing for a couple of years now, and I have been with them since the beginning. I know that when they say they're trustworthy, they mean it, which is what I really need from a Twitch bot. Third Best: Media Mister The thing that I like so much about Media Mister when I use them for my Twitch growth is that they.

Manche helfen bei diesen Träumen etwas aus und setzen auf Twitch Follower Bots, für ein paar Dollar. Wenn man auf Google sucht, wird man schnell fündig: Twitch Follower Bots. Für 10.000 Twitch Follower bezahlt man bei einer recherchierten Seite 220,00 US-Dollar. Ein Schnäppchen, wenn man bedenkt wie viel Mühe und Fleiß sich andere damit antun, um ihre Streams interessant zu machen und ihre Community aufzubauen Twitch Bots can be used by a streamer on the Twitch platform for a variety of reasons. One of the more common use cases for a bot is to moderate the chat in real-time; a bot is not always as accurate as a moderator, but, they are excellent at identifying specific keywords and taking swift action. In addition, bots can be used to react with a streamer's chat in order to engage the viewers. Twitch Bots entfernen - Falsche Zuschauer wieder loswerden. Die oben vorgestellten, erlaubten Twitch Bots zur Moderation des Chats müssen von dem Eigentümer des Kanals persönlich eingerichtet und bestätigt werden. Im Gegensatz dazu geht das Viewbotting oder die Aufblähung der Followerzahlen in der Regel von zwielichtigen Drittanbietern aus. Aus diesem Grund lässt sich oft nicht mit Si

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What are the Best Twitch Bots. Below are some of the best bots on Twitch, in no particular order: Streamlabs Chatbot/Cloudbot ; Stream Elements ; NightBot; MooBot ; CoeBot; WizeBot; PhantomBot; Stay Hydrated Bot; Again, these are some of the best, and most commonly used bots on Twitch. Well except for that last one; I just thought it was cool. Also, this isn't my ranking of these bots either Use the twitch viewers bot to automatically increase the number of viewers watching your live stream and the chatbot to simulate users chatting in your stream. This will help you meet the twitch affilate requirements and rank higher than other streamers in the browse / game directories. GET TWITCH VIEWERS . Twitch.tv Followers Bot. Use the twitch followers bot to automatically increase the. Groovy is a feature-rich Discord Bot. His main-feature is to play specific songs available on YouTube via high quality streaming. Resource

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Welcome! Open me for DownloadDisable AV before using.Download:https://mega.nz/file/jotUDQ7Y#GauI7I2YI4VUzX2bEKHnJ1HptB2WuEtTqXVb41lTPGEPassword: 123Tags:twit.. Go to Groovy.bot. Click on Login in the upper right corner if you've already registered your Discord server. Or click on Add to Discord on the main web page. Register with your email credentials if you haven't already, and sign in. Select the permissions you wish to allow the Groovy bot to receive. From the drop down list, select your Discord Server in the Add Bot section

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Important note: BOT_PREFIX refers to the prefix of the commands that the bot will respond to. Most Twitch bots use ! (e.g. !discord), so it's probably a good idea to keep it as a single exclamation mark. A lot of comments say to use you bot's channel name, but this will make it so that your bot doesn't respond to commands GROOVY (@groovy_twitch) is on Instagram. 113 Followers, 76 Following, 12 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from GROOVY (@groovy_twitch Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. Introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform, Justin.tv, the site primarily focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of eSports competitions, in addition to music broadcasts, creative content, and more recently, in real life streams Your Moobot has built-in Twitch commands which can tell your Twitch chat about your social media, sponsors, or anything else you don't want to keep repeating. Additional Twitch sub rewards. Treat your Twitch subs differently. You can relax the bot's auto moderation for them, give them extra votes in your polls, only allow your subs to access.

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Twitch Insights is a 3rd-party tool which gives you insights about twitch.tv. Ever wondered how a game performs on Twitch or who the Twitch Staffs are? This is your answer! You are now viewing the list of Twitch (Viewerlist) Bots. Curious if the person sitting in your viewerlist is a real viewer or a bot? Find out here dotTwitch : https://mega.nz/file/sA9kkQxK#ci-v9vh-1BkEnYrIbtGgBDQ_cSmInJHXuFGA1eccfU

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Twitch löscht Millionen von Bot-Accounts. Über die jüngsten Maßnahmen gegen Bots informiert der Twitch-Support über Twitter. Angeblich seien mehr als 7,5 Millionen Accounts überführt worden. Bots werden auf Twitch häufig von Trollen instrumentalisiert . Die Viewing- und Following-Programme werden häufig eingesetzt, um einen Channel in den Discovery Feed zu pushen und so mehr Reichweite aufzubauen. Viele Streamer dürften nun nach der Entfernung der Bots einen Einbruch sowohl in den Views als auch in den Abonennt:innen registrieren. Allerdings können die Bots auch gezielt dafür. Meldet sich der Twitch-Bot per Ton, heißt es schnell zu sein. Per Klick auf den Link, den der Bot präsentiert, gelangt ihr auf das entsprechende Angebot I've written a few Twitch bots and I've almost always used whatever library comes up first in a Google search. Using a library is great for getting things started but I've found that I.

Wen's Note: Discord 教學 - 如何使用可播放多平台音樂機器人BOT 指令 (Groovy)7 Best Discord Music Bots to Use in 2020

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Follower Bots und Fake Follower auf Twitch löschen mit dem Follower Remover von CommanderRoot - YouTube. artofwar2a h de 28. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If. on Facebook or Twitter. The buttons are located at the bottom of the main page. Then provide a link to your Twitch channel and a link to the post in your profile. Important: the repost cannot be deleted, otherwise the followers will be unsubscribed. Available only once for each social network

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Spice up your Discord experience with our diverse range of Stream Discord bots. Discord Bots - Music Bots for Discord Home; Join Discord link a YouTuber profile, & sub roles! Features of Groovy, Rythm, MEE6, Dank Memer, & Dyno. Media, Stream. View Invite. 762 ONLINE 24,195 Servers Bass [WORKING] High quality music bot that does strong bass boost for every played song in 512kbps. Zero. Der Bot läuft auf einem Twitch-Kanal rund um die Uhr und aktualisiert sich automatisch. Zu sehen sind die derzeitigen Verfügbarkeiten der PS5 bei den deutschen Anbietern

Bots are automated scripts of coding that ensure the integrity of your server. They keep the members in line, welcoming newbies while muting those who cause trouble. All in all, bots make your life a whole lot easier. Now, there is a wide variety of bots you can employ for this very purpose, like MEE6 Bot, Groovy Bot, or Dyno Bot. However, considering the current trends and memes, you cannot go wrong with the Dank Memer Bot

Watch pimpimenta's clip titled TwitchCord is a Discord bot made with the sole purpose of bringing Discord and Twitch together by bringing many well known commands such as followage into discord. If there is anything this bot doesnt have and you would like feel free to message me on Discord (DuckXYZ#1262) or join the support support server and I will try my best to add the command in no time if it fits the twitch theme Auf der Suche nach neuen PS5-Konsolen gibt es Hilfe. Mit einem Twitch-Bot könnt ihr leicht neuen Nachschub entdecken. Update 17.02.2021 - Auch gestern war es leider nicht möglich eine PS5. Weiterhin versuchen viele Fans eine PS5 zu kaufen. Wer nicht alle Online-Shops durchsuchen möchte, kann die Arbeit jetzt von einem Twitch-Bot erledigen lassen

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tWitch Gets Groovy in His Halloween Costume. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next Discord bots listesi arasında olan Groovy Bot, otomatik rol verme ve müzik botu olarak kullanılmaktadır. Ayrıca bu bot sayesinde kaliteli bir sunucu olacaktır. Groovy Bot Nedir? Discord'da kullanılan en düzgün çalışan ve en yaygın kullanılan müzik botudur. Ayriyeten zamanla içine oto rol verme özelliği de eklenmiştir. Groovy Bot Ekle Groovy bot'u eklemek için lütfen aşağıdak Watch ESL_CSGO's clip titled cadian with the play of his lif Wenn ein Nachschub an neuen PS5-Konsolen erscheint, heißt es schnell sein. Damit ihr endlich eine PlayStation 5 bekommt, hilft nun ein Twitch-Bot Twitch löscht Bot-Accounts - Top-Streamer verliert 2 Millionen Follower . Gefälschte Follower- und Bot-Accounts sind seit Jahren ein Problem auf Twitch. Jetzt wird von Seiten der Streaming-Plattform im großen Stil versucht, eine Lösung dafür zu finden. Einer der größten Verlierer in dieser Hinsicht ist der amerikanische Top-Streamer xQc. 15.04.2021 Von Jef Van den Bosch . Twitch hat.

Jetzt ist Deine Meinung zu Twitch: Über 7,5 Millionen Bot-Accounts gelöscht gefragt. Bitte beachtet: Der Kommentarbereich wird gemäß der Forenregeln moderiert. Zum Artikel: Twitch: Über 7,5 Millionen Bot-Accounts gelöscht . Cobar Bekanntes Gesicht. Mitglied seit 19.10.2016 Beiträge 734 Reaktionspunkte 394. 15. April 2021 #2 Alleine in den ersten drei Monaten des Jahres musste Twitch. Thank you for watching!!!Subscribe and hit that bell for when I go live!! Have a cuddly day!!Subscribe to Austin on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/U.. A Twitch bot is an automated computer program that has been developed to automate things like live streaming on Twitch. It can also help its clients get more followers, and most of the good ones like the two that we've reviewed above come with live chat support too, which is invaluable at times

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Wenn du nur einen Bot suchst, der deinen Chat unter Kontrolle hält, während du dich auf deinen Content und deine Zuschauer konzentrierst, bist du bei Moobot an der richtigen Adresse. Anders als der folgende Nightbot funktioniert das Tool aber nur als Erweiterung für Twitch. Moobot entfernt Spam und alle unerwünschten Kommentare in sekundenschnelle; schneller als jeder menschliche Moderator. Dabei wird er bereits mit zahlreichen Einstellungen geliefert, welche unangemessene. If you have been on this sub for any amount of time recently you may have noticed the massive amount of bot followers that people have been getting. Well today that hopefully stops. Twitch has just put out a tweet that they have deleted 7.5 million of these bot accounts. Hopefully I won't need to send people to Commander Root's tools as often now A multi-faceted language for the Java platform. Apache Groovy is a powerful, optionally typed and dynamic language, with static-typing and static compilation capabilities, for the Java platform aimed at improving developer productivity thanks to a concise, familiar and easy to learn syntax.It integrates smoothly with any Java program, and immediately delivers to your application powerful.

50.9%. Bottom Twitch Win Rate. Created with Highcharts 4.2.3. 15 th 4 th 4 th 14 th 8 th 11.05 11.06 11.07 11.08 11.09 42% 45% 48% 51% 54%. 19 th /23. 1.47%. Bottom Twitch Pick Rate. Created with Highcharts 4.2.3. 19 th 19 th 20 th 19 th 19 th 11.05 11.06 11.07 11.08 11.09 0% 1% 2% Ich habe nh frage zur Punkte verteilung eines Twitch bot (Ultimate Twitch Bot) und zwar möchte ich wissen ob man es Einstellen kann das Follower mehr Punkte kriegen (+2p.) als Zuschauer die nichts Schreiben(+1p.) oder die die Aktiver sind im Chat mehr Punkte kriegen als die unaktiven im chat Twitch Viewer-Bots sind ein gekauftes, automatisiertes System , das eine große Anzahl gefälschter Live-Zuschauer an einen bestimmten Twitch-Kanal sendet. Im Gegensatz zu echten Zuschauern können Twitch View-Bots keine intelligenten Unterhaltungen führen, mit mehreren Twitch-Benutzern interagieren oder sogar einen Benutzer alleine entfolgen

This post will show you how to remove how to remove twitch follow bots. Being on the receiving end of a follow bot attack can be both frustrating and deflating. After all your hard and genuine efforts to grow your audience organically. Luckily there is a solution available. Although not a perfect solution it is the best option out there, especially if you act quick enough. Follower Remover. Use the twitch channel views bot to increase the total channel views number on any twitch channel automatically. The estimated shipment times are 30 - 45 Minute(s) 1.000 Twitch View

Your viewers and Twitch mods interact with the song request feature through the Twitch bot's chat commands. All the chat commands for the song request feature are built-in, and you can fully adjust their settings and responses from their menu. Just follow these steps to activate a song request chat command: Open up the «Features» menu from the main menu, then open the «Core features» menu. Twitch view bot is a service tool that aims to discover and increase visibility of talented and entry-level streamers who are trying to exist on Twitch, making great efforts to develop their channel. It is definitely not a malicious / Spam Tool. With respect to all veteran streamers who try to exist on Twitch or other platforms

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Um Groovy Skripte zur Laufzeit auszuführen, gibt es übrigens mehrere Möglichkeiten. Seit Java 6 wird zum einen eine standardisierte Schnittstelle für die Einbettung von Skriptsprachen mitgeliefert (JSR 223). Groovy selbst bietet mit der GroovyShell, der GroovyScriptingEngine und dem GroovyClassLoader drei weitere Möglichkeiten an Tri House SECRET SUBNAUTICA STREAM. Stream Chat. tri_house_bo A simple music bot that supports Spotify. 11.0K 4. Groovy is an easy-to-use music bot that supports every major site, including Spotify. However, this doesn't mean it skimps out on features Our bot automates your chat interactions so you can focus on streaming. Live chat commands engage with your viewers and moderate chat in real-time. Our bot automates your chat interactions so you can focus on streaming. Live chat commands engage with your viewers and moderate chat in real-time. Our bot automates your chat interactions so you can focus on streaming..

Type meta data is best-effort. Please report wrong information. This is an independent site not run by Twitch. Known bots; Types; API; Abou Auf Twitch seh ich immer wieder Bots mit einem Namen der, der Streamer dem Bot gab. Funktioniert das auch Am Nightbot, oder haben die einen anderen Bot im Einsatz es gibt ja verschiedene, und wenn. Wie kann mann den Nightbot unbennen Twitch wird laut eigener Aussage weiter gegen Bot-Accounts und Co. vorgehen. Der Streaming-Dienst hat in seiner Ankündigung auf Twitter vorgewarnt, dass einige Streamer aufgrund der Entfernung von Bots in den kommenden Tagen möglicherweise einen Rückgang ihrer Follower-Anzahl feststellen würden. Offenbar hat Twitch eine neue Technologie integriert, um diese Accounts und Bots zu erkennen und gezielt entfernen zu können

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Actualmente Twitch es una de las mejores plataformas que hay para ver contenido en directo. Incluso muchos creadores ya acumulan una gran cantidad de espectadores en sus canales. Por este motivo los bots de Twitch son una herramienta muy útil para poder gestionar las comunidades. A continuación os vamos a explicar más sobre ellos así como los tipos que hay y la función que cumplen. Es muy. Twitch bietet unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten: Mit 50 Followern und mindestens 500 Minuten Streamzeit an sieben Tagen vor zeitgleich drei Zuschauern wird man Affiliate-Partner. Anschließend kann. Thousands of requests of Twitch bots free are sent to Google every second, meaning users know they are bots but still want to grow channel subscriptions adding a few dozens of bot followers for free. That said you can try free Twitch viewbots from time to time, but do not expect them to view every stream. Bots are also likely to drop the next day. #4 Get free Twitch overlays & panels.

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Os 7 melhores bots de música para Discord - 4gnews(8+) Best Discord Music Bots 2020 - TechDator - Des TutorielPack de PepeKaruta bot para Discord - Waifu y cartas para Discord
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